Here at MCM, we feel the best education at this age comes through play. Children learn so much of life’s skills by interacting with their peers and adults alike. Exploring, discovering, and asking questions is crucial to their development. We help guide children on a positive learning path before traditional school starts to help ensure their minds are ready.  If we show how fun learning is, then their growing minds will naturally seek more. 

learning style

There is not just one teacher, there are many teachers in our world and there are many different ways teaching can happen. The best teachers are the best students and here at MCM, we are all the teachers and students.

In addition to learning through play, we take it one step further to make sure we are prepping our preschoolers for Kindergarten. One tool we use is an amazing program called Learning Without Tears. LWT is used in many schools and homeschooling settings across the country with amazing success. LWT focuses on teaching children in a fun, hands-on, interactive way that keeps the children engaged and wanting more. Each day there will be a dedicated time that brings our focus primarily to kindergarten readiness. Every preschooler will have a workbook and journal that comes in their Readiness Bag along with some other fun activities.