Here at MCM, we feel a child is never too young to be exposed to new things. We continually expose them to new situations for them to learn from in an encouraging and controlled manner. By speaking in a clear voice and using actual words to describe things truly helps our children learn and grasp concepts much quicker.

We help guide the children to find their best routines. Their eat, play, sleep routine is extremely important in the early development of children and it helps to make sure they get the most of each day.


We respect each families decision when it comes to feeding. whether it be breast milk or formula we are here to assist you in any way we can. As soon as your child is ready they will eat right alongside their peers. Eating a puree/small bite plate of what the meals are for the day. We do our best to provide healthy locally grown organic meals as much as possible.

Toilet training is a lost art these days. Here at MCM, the infants will see all the older children throughout the day cycle through the bathroom, only for one day to find themselves in line with the rest. Once a child is strong enough to sit up and balance on their own (7-10 months), we start placing them on the toilet. Now we are not expecting them to have much success on the toilet, we just want them to feel comfortable and get used to this as part of their day. We brush teeth, eat, bath daily. why not sit on the toilet? With your help, we can make toilet training an early and easy transition in their lives.

Fresh air and plenty of rest are what’s going to help children grow. This means all the infants will be outside with the others as weather permits. As for sleep, it tends to be a breeze after all the fresh air.  We are happy to work with your family to help develop healthy sleeping habits.